SQUASH TIP #14th March, 2012

Just watched a Jansher Khan video with one of the players I am working with and his coverage around the court was so natural and effortless. On the back of the I picked up a few lessons and would like to highlight 3 basic squash PRINCIPALS which no matter what level you are at will help you.


A. Keep the ball straight. Most players average 11-15 shots per game X court. If you could cut that to under 6 shots per game you will not believe the tactical advantage you have over your opponent. Try it


B. Get back to the T. We all tend to cut corners in sport just as we do in life and it sounds very repeated to tell you something so simple yet so desperately important that its surprising how few of us really do get back to the T after every shot. Do a small test and video yourself for 5 mins and then check how many times you are actually planting both feet on the T(by T, I mean the actual point where the two lines intersect on the Squash court). Now think about it….If you really are not back at the T then you are always tactically giving your opponent one area of the court which will be further away from the rest so in other words a greater chance of hitting a winning shot for every time you don’t get back to the T.

Do the math yourself!


C. Watch the Ball – probably the most obvious yet the most overlooked thing in Squash today. The number of players who just hit a shot and then watch the front walls for your opponents shot is astounding. Ok ok even the better players don’t think that this doesn’t apply to you but I’m willing to bet that from certain areas of the court even you are losing sight of the squash ball. This is absolutely unbelievable! YOU JUST CANNOT TAKE THE EYES OF THE SQUASH BALL AT ANY TIME! Only then will you be able to really anticipate and really play this wonderful game of squash!


So 3 basic tactical tips. Very few of you reading this would ‘really’ be doing all of the above throughout a game of squash. Do write back letting me know if on focusing on any/all of the above you improved your squash game.

Happy Squashing!


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