Introduction to the Website22nd September, 2011


This is the new website which my friends at Flying Cursor and 8848 Sports have put together. The idea and theme of the website was to keep it simple and quick and yet create a space to be able to share things I have learnt and am learning as well as help those who I can.

A quick key to the website – Instead of creating a database of people here on the website have done that on facebook and will be putting up pictures etc over there. Please feel free to like the page and you’ll get access to that as and when it happens

My tweets will come up on the home page itself of the website. Please don’t worry – things will not get hectic. Only when I have something to say.

In this section ie the Diary you are most welcome to add your thoughts however explosive or different from my ramblings. Shall discuss Sport, and other interesting happenings (my very own perspective).

Sports has been the joy of my life and I loved to play since I can remember. Initially it didn’t matter – from marbles, to hand cricket to surfing it all worked for me! Squash has been my life for the past 20 years and it has given me so much of joy! I have been very lucky and privileged to be able to devote my time to a pursuit of pushing yourself – mind, body and spirit and learning on a daily basis that everything about you can get better.

I must warn you that I’m not very prompt. I will do my best though…




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